I have created a Resource Library of self help books that I feel you will find resourceful. Most of these books I've recommended in my book Happiness 4 U. Each one of these Authors listed below has had a hand in teaching me how to change my life. I am truly grateful to each and every one of them thank you.

I would also like for you to be aware that I'm an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer I could receive a commission if you purchase one of the books I've suggested here. I hope that you will find one or all of these books beneficial in your journey ahead. Sending love and blessing your way.

These are books By Bruce Lipton who is an American developmental biologist noted for all his discoveries on epigenetics. In Bruce's books he will share with you new concepts about what your perceiving. Thank you Bruce Lipton

These are books by Dr Wayne Dyer \

These are books by Mark Victor Hansen

These are books by the Author Rhonda Byrne

These are the amazing books I recommend from Eckhart Tolle

These are beautiful spiritual book I recommend By Deepak Chopra

These are all very transcendental books

These are Inspraional books by Bob Proctor

Beautiful books by Louise Hay